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VBG Train-station World Trade Center and television studio, november 2004

VBG station glattpark, november 2004

Glattbrugg, September 2004

Construction work has started!

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

September 14, 2004 is a historic day in the history of the glattal valley rail-way project. Rita Fuhrer, executive councilor for economics of the Canton of Zurich, at the helm of a dredger officially opened the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Glattal valley railway. The construct-ion site of the first stage between the Zurich fairground, the covered sports stadium and Zurich-Auzelg thus has been officially opened.

Executive councilor to move first stone
”The Glattal valley railway is a must and a key project if we want to use the economic potential of the greater Zurich region and the central Glattal valley,” said executive councilor Rita Fuhrer in her speech at the groundbreaking ceremony. “This project helps us promote the development of the region in accordance with the targets as specified in the development plan of the Canton of Zurich.” The Glattal valley railway is part of the total public transportation concept, one of the great assets of the entire project, she says. In addition to functional and technical aspects, so-called “soft” factors have also been taken into consideration, she says. “The modern concept of the facilities and the aspects of urban planning have not only furthered public acceptance, they will also contribute to improving the quality of life and the image of the region,” she says. In a symbolic gesture for the defining functions of the Glattal valley railway, she planted the first of a total of 130 trees along the future tracks on Thurgauerstrasse at the groundbreaking ceremony.

The Glattal valley railway opening up a region!

The outstanding transportation situation makes the central Glattal valley a preferred site for many company and enterprises. The significance of the region as a job and service center radiates way beyond the towns and communities of the Glattal valley. The Canton of Zurich plans to put the economic potential of the central Glattal valley to optimal use with regional planning concepts that are designed to preserve and foster the quality of life and to include a balanced infrastructure offering for public and private transportation. The Glattal valley railway is the key to, and cornerstone of, this concept.

Three of a total of 11 central areas earmarked in the usage plan are in the catchment area of the Glattal valley railway. The railway will be an indispensable element for the valley's effective access. In addition, it will tie the areas to "Glatt city", directly connecting with the major transportation network (air travel, long-distance trains, rapid commuter trains).

The road system of the central Glattal valley has several weak spots. At rush hours, there is regular bumper-to-bumper traffic, seriously hampering public bus service as well. The Glattal valley railway will be an attractive expansion and addition for the public transportation system. It will bring welcome relief to private transportation. In tandem with building the Glattal valley railway, neuralgic spots in the road system will be improved, optimizing the traffic situation.

Even today, more than 250,000 people travel from the city and Canton of Zurich to the central Glattal valley to either work there or use the varied service and leisure offerings. The trend keeps increasing strongly.

Where will the Glattal valley railway go?

Who is planning the Glattal valley railway?

"Customer" of the Glattal valley railway is the Associated Zurich Transportation System. It represents the Canton of Zurich, guarding the interests of the Canton as customer. The public transportation system Glattal VBG, which as the region's transportation company is responsible for the marketing success, manages the project, assuming the function of the contractor. The communities of the area as well as the owners and operators of existing transportation facilities are part of the cooperatively-pursued planning process. Contracts for planning, construction and operation are awarded to private and public companies on a competitive basis.

How much will the Glattal valley railway cost?

Investments in fixed plants (land, tracks and rail equipment) of the Glattal valley railway will amount to close to CHF 537 million (status of building project, 2001 price basis). Rolling stock and operating resources will be amortized against the operating accounts. In tandem with building the Glattal valley railway, the road network will by improved by accompanying adjustments and additions. These investments will total CHF 97 million.



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