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The development plan for Oberhauserriet

The glattpark city neighborhood (formerly district plan Oberhauserriet) comprises an area of some 670,000 square meters, with a 20-per cent building zone representing Opfikon's biggest housing reserve. If the building projects are fully realized, 7000 inhabitants and 7000 jobs can be accommodated in this area.

Instead of a business district, plans call for a mixed area with apartments, jobs, utilities and generous green areas. Commuting for the most part will be by public transportation (Glattal valley railway). The number of parking lots will be limited and restricted to two central car park buildings. Building will be in three stages. Adjacent to the housing area, there will be a wide-open, unique park with a lake.

glattpark's development concept is characterized by an effective and sustainable usage structure. Mixed usage with specific noise reduction measures will help improve the quality of life.

The new plans have been made in a climate dominated by growing environmental concerns, the threat of the building zone being rezoned, varying building interests of the landowners and the resolve of the city government to have this area developed on a sustainable basis.

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