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Frequently asked questions pertaining to glattpark ...

You are talking about a vision taking shape, but the shape is not yet discernible. All I can see so far is a model.

If by „shape“ you mean there should be dredgers and cranes moving around on glattpark, you are absolutely right. For us, „taking shape“ starts a lot earlier. With the model, a comprehensive website and the showroom, we have the tools at our disposal that have enabled us to become active. Now we can really move forward. But on glattpark, many things are happening that do not look exciting such as the soon-to-be-completed development tasks for the first construction stage. The first apartment buildings are in the planning stage.

We are in an economic lull and there are hardly any signs that this will improve any time soon. Such huge projects are totally out of place in such an economic climate. How do you intend to fill your greenfield site?

It is true that the economic climate is quite difficult at the moment. However, if you plan a project of this magnitude, you must realize that you will pass through several economic cycles. Therefore, we are not taken by surprise by the current situation. Our planning is based on medium- and long-term considerations with stage-by-stage implementation.

In greater Zurich, apartments for a well-heeled, urban segment of the population are mushrooming. glattpark too has been designed to cover this segment. On the other hand, affordable housing is getting increasingly scarce. Aren’t you betting on the wrong horse?

Indeed, glattpark has not been designed to offer „cheap“ housing even though all landowners can decide for themselves what they want to do on their real estate. This all has to do with the quality of the glattpark project and the respective goals of the landowners. We believe the market will make its influence felt to a great extent. glattpark is not the appropriate vehicle for conducting housing policy. We have no choice but to be market-driven.

The proximity to the airport means aviation noise. It is possible that noise emissions will increase. Does anyone still wish to live at glattpark at all?

If you live at glattal, you don’t just live some place in the countryside, you will have to live with some noise emissions. Other examples show that people accept them provided other factors are right. Absolute quiet these days is a commodity hardly anyone can call his own. However, we are convinced that at glattpark, the overall quality with park and lake is there, resulting in a high living quality and an exceptional quality of life.



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